Small Group Training (SGT) are paid training sessions with a personal trainer, in a group setting (min 3, max 10).


SGT is a great option if you are looking for something more challenging than a regular group fitness class, with different techniques utilized to give you very specific, measurable results. You still have others to work out with, to provide you with inspiration and motivation, but you also get the benefit of a trainer to fine tune your movement and personally motivate you as well.

SGT sessions require a minimum of 3 participants to be held… so don’t hesitate to bring a friend, and sign up early. All sessions are open to drop in as well.

This is where our trainers get to express their creativity and use their specialties to construct a very targeted, challenging workout to get you the results you want! Try one of these…

  • Barre Blast: Using the ballet barres, you will experience intervals of cardio, flexibility and balance that will push your body to new limits!
  • Bootcamp: Test your physical and mental toughness in this most rigorous bootcamp workout. Yes, you will sweat…you will burn calories…you will challenge yourself…and may even cry. So get ready you’re gonna love every second of this ultimate workout!
  • Boxing: Kicking and punching techniques and combinations are the focus of this workout. You will burn calories, tone your entire body and challenge the fighter within. Bring on the fight! Bring your own gloves.
  • Chisel-N-Shred: Hit every muscle group as you burn mega calories zipping through stations of different fitness equipment from the BOSU to TRX to jump ropes to weights and more.
  • Foam Flex: With the use of a Foam Roller you will learn how to increase range of motion, flexibility and core strength. The idea is simple enough, using your own body weight and agility, you roll specific muscle groups against the foam roller to mimic a deep, gliding massage. You also control how much pressure you apply to the tissues that you’re working on, and you can locate and focus on areas that are problematic.
  • Functional Fitness: Functional Fitness Training is progressive training that from week to week will steadily increase your body’s strength, endurance and joint stability.
  • Total Barre: Ballet Barre workout integrates fat-burning with interval training and muscle-shaping isometrics to improve posture and overall body image and shape. High calorie burn rate, increase in lean muscle mass, assistance in weight loss and sculpting the body, and improvement of mental focus are what you can expect as results.
  • TRX Basic Training: Mind, Body and Grit, this is about a commitment to yourself, Basic training will transform you both physically and mentally with a series of TRX exercises. Your mission will be to improve performance, strength, power and endurance!
  • TRX/BOSU: Do you want results? Then grab a TRX and BOSU BALL for this awesome combo. This incredible total body workout guarantees to shock your body and mind so you can achieve a higher level of fitness.
  • TRX Circuit Training: This is a quick paced, circuit-style strength training program utilizing TRX, free weights, medicine balls and cardio. There are between 8-10 exercise stations, each offering a different type of exercise that will burn calories and give you the results you want.
  • TRX HIIT: A series of high energy, explosive intervals and may be the toughest TRX cardio session anywhere with proven results! Most HIIT training uses intervals of 20 seconds work and 10 seconds rest.
  • Yin Yoga: Yin yoga is a sequence of poses in various positions. Each pose is held for 3-5 minutes. First you adjust to the position based on your body’s ability then hold the pose as the muscles, ligaments, joints and fascia releases. Props may be used such as the foam roller, blocks, straps or pillows (if available) by holding the poses and not forcing them, you will find a deeper release compared to traditional yoga postures.
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