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School is out and Mini Mo is excited for summer!! 

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Stay on Track this Summer with our Summer Strength Challenge!

“The best way to reduce body fat, increase lean muscle mass and burn more calories is strength training and the best way to improve your athletic performance, increase range of motion in a joint and reduce your risk to injury is flexibility training!” –Carol Bruce

Challenge Dates:  June 16th - September 7th

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Member Success Story - Barbara Alitto

Knee pain has been was part of my life for many years.  Walking, sleeping, exercising, and sitting for too long resulted in knee pain. My first knee surgery was 2006 and the second was 2009. The prognosis was not great as arthritis and degeneration of the cartilage in the knee were significant. Because my knee was bone on bone, injections to provide an artificial cushion were given every 6 months for several years. The word from my doctor for the last 3 years was whenever I was ready; he was ready to do a total knee replacement. Needless to say, that was not something I was eager to do.

As a 10 year Momentum member, exercise was important to me. After my second surgery, I asked my doctor if I could damage my knee more by exercising. I was assured that the knee was already bad and exercise would make it no worse. In fact, exercise would help keep the muscle strong. It hurt doing nothing so why not exercise and feel better about myself! It was an easy decision to continue with strength and cardio classes and the Pilates Reformer on a weekly basis.

Body Step was always my favorite cardio workout. My routine was to do step, then go home and ice. This past November, icing was not enough. I had more pain than usual and the intensity of the pain continued longer than usual. I decided it was time so made that dreaded call to schedule surgery.

The big day was scheduled for February 3. I went in expecting more pain and a long recovery. To my surprise, there was minimal pain and only for a few days. PT started immediately and brought another surprise – most of the exercises were Pilates based. At the 2 week assessment, my doctor and therapist were very pleased – my recovery was about 2 weeks ahead of the norm. The therapist attributed it to being in good physical shape and staying active up to the surgery. I attributed it to Momentum, especially Pilates classes and Pilates Reformer training.

One month after surgery, I returned to Momentum. Initially I was limited to no impact workouts but could participate in Total Tone, Pilates, Yoga, and upper body activities. A max of 10 minutes was permitted on the bike or elliptical. Three months after surgery, I am back to the cardio class of my choice. Can’t tell you how great it felt to do Body Step again!

Prior to and after surgery, Momentum instructors were extremely helpful and supportive in offering options during classes for people with knee issue and other health issues. This means a lot to those of us who have knee, back or other health issues. Tracey and Carol have been my best cheerleaders and I thank them for their continued encouragement and support. I am grateful to all Momentum staff for the encouragement and support they provide on a daily basis to members.

Want to join the Momentum Team?

If you are interested in joining the Momentum team, we are currently looking for MiniMo to fill morning positions for caretakers. Applicants contact Member Services.