This low impact, high energy aerobic conditioning and toning class is not only good for the heart, but the soul too. Sometimes we dance, sometimes we're more athletic. Aerobic cardio moves are kept simple with low and high options available. You'll get a great toning workout too, hitting all muscle groups. Great for those new to exercise but challenging enough for an intermediate level. Try it, you'll have a BLAST!

Attack Lite

A 45-minute format of the BodyAttack program with an emphasis on low-impact options. 

Body Attack/Body Pump Combo

30 Minute Body Attack Format with 30 minute Body Pump format. 

Body Basics

This class will provide a introduction to some of Les Mill's most popular classes in order to help ensure proper form to prevent injury and to get maximum results from your workout. 

The class is typically held 2x per month, on the 1st and 3rd weeks and  will rotate such that one week it will be BodyPump and BodyStep basics and the other week it will be BodyCombat and BodyVive basics.

See Member Services for more details.  


This class will leave you breathless and fitter than when you walked through the doors! BodyAttack is an intense, sports-inspired cardio workout for building strength and stamina. This 2-peak interval training class combines high-intensity aerobic movement with strength and stabilization work (low options will be demonstrated for those not comfortable with the higher-intensity options). It’s high in motivation and uses uplifting music to move everyone towards achieving her fitness goals… guaranteed! One of the most challenging and athletically-minded group classes on the planet!

BodyAttack Express

Your favorite Body Attack class in a 30 minute format


This exciting aerobic training program combines moves & stances developed from a range of self-disciplines such as Karate, boxing, Kung Fu, Tai Kwon Do & more into a "take-no-prisoners" energetic routine. We dare you to put your "guard up" & show us what you got!  Nervous? Then attend Combat Basics first!  Low options will be given for beginners as intensity can range from moderate to advanced to cater to a wide variety of fitness & experience levels.

BodyCombat Express

Your favorite BodyCombat class in a 30 minute format!

BodyCombat/Pump Combo

BodyCombat and Body Pump Combo


BodyFlow is the Yoga, Tai Chi & Mat Pilates workout that builds flexibility and strength and leaves you feeling centered and calm. Controlled breathing, concentration and a carefully structured series of stretches, moves and poses to music create a holistic workout that brings the body into a state of harmony and balance. Take Flow Basics first if you are new to BodyFlow!


"The Fastest Way in the Universe to Get in Shape!" BodyPump is the revolutionary weight training program that is designed to increase bone density and reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Momentum is the ONLY female fitness center in Central Pennsylvania to offer the workout in a group fitness setting using barbells with adjustable weights, set to motivating music. BodyPump is a simple, athletic-based workout that strengthens, tones and defines every major muscle group in your body... ideal for beginners right through to experienced exercisers. It is the workout for EVERY – BODY. And because BodyPump consists of multiple repetitions to build muscle tone, it will increase your metabolism and burn calories & fat. Those who have never "pumped" before are strongly encouraged to attend New Pumpers first.

BodyPump Express

A 30-minute express option of this popular strength training class, with all the essentials to fire up your muscles and your metabolism. 


Get ready to experience one of the most challenging cardiovascular workouts available in the world. BodyStep will push your fat-burning systems into high gear with its motivating music combined with athletic and dance moves. If you are a "step-junkie", you will LOVE this ultimate cardio workout. Come discover your inner athlete! This step is more advanced than Step n Tone, so if you’re just getting started with step, try Step n Tone first!

BodyStep Express

BodyStep Express

BodyStep/CXWORX Combo

This 75-minute class includes 45 minutes of BodyStep immediately followed by 30 minutes of CXWORX.  Come experience the ultimate combination of cardio and core strength!  Pressed for time?  You are welcome to participate in either BodyStep or CXWORX.


An absolute must for those new to Momentum, new to group exercise and even those who have been working out and are looking to rejuvenate, energize and revive!  It's a 55-minute, low-impact workout with aerobic conditioning, resistance training and a "core & restore" block all set to highly energizing, fun music. BodyVive is "fizzing with energy!" Recommend trying Vive Basics to learn the basic floor-based cardio moves! Feel alive with BodyVive!

BodyVive Express

Your favorite Body Vive Class in a condensed 30 minute format.

Cardio Dance & Flex!

Hi/lo impact aerobics, toning, balancing and flexibility training...all with a dance flair...for all fitness levels...guaranteed to be easy to follow and FUN!

Combat Basics

A MUST if you are considering taking BodyCombat even if you have had experience in taking any other martial-arts based class in the past! We will review the particular moves so you execute them safely and most effectively to give you optimal results from your participation in the upcoming BodyCombat class. BodyCombat is one of Momentum's most popular classes overall... come see why!

Recommended for beginners. Please sign-up for this class at Member Services.


Core-focused workout!


This 30 minute class is the ultimate way to get a tight and toned core. With dynamic training that hones in on your abs, glutes, back, obliques, and "slings" connecting the upper and lower body, this workout will leave you looking good and feeling strong! CXWORX improves functional strength for balance, mobility and injury prevention with options for ALL fitness levels.

Deep Stretch Yoga

This 75 minute class is geared towards creating greater flexibility and joint mobility by targeting those areas tightened by vigorous training. This class goes beneath the superficial muscles to target the dense connective tissues of the body often in the hips, pelvis and low back, which are difficult to open and can result in both limited flexibility and stagnant energy. Deep Stretch Yoga acts as a recovery class for those looking to restore over-used muscles, and it is open and beneficial to all levels. 

Drums Alive

Fun and energetic whole-body workout for all fitness levels. Participants use drumsticks provided by the instructor to drum on balls to upbeat music, while working out shoulders, legs, the core, and more! 

Extended Yoga

Same Yoga class you know and love...just more of it with this 90 minute class format. 


Rotating Zumba and Flow for mothers and daughters.

Intro to COMBAT

Learn the fundamentals and basic movements of a Body Combat class. 

Intro to MAT

Learn the fundamentals and basic movements you will see in a Mat Pilates class. 

Intro to PUMP

Learn proper body alignment and bar movement before trying out a Body Pump class.

Intro to RPM

Learn the fundamentals and basic moves of Momentum's popular Les Mills cycling class...RPM!!!

Intro to STEP

Learn the fundamentals and basic moves of a Body Step/Step N Tone class. 

Intro to Step N Tone

Learn the fundamentals of Step aerobics and basic toning 

Intro to VIVE

Learn the fundamentals and basic movements of a Les Mills Body Vive class!

Intro to YOGA

Learn the fundamentals and basic movements of Momentum's Yoga class.

Mat Pilates

This one hour class will make you much stronger and more productive in other areas of the club. Mat Pilates is designed to stretch and strengthen your core muscles using both concentration and perseverance to create a better sense of well-being, balance and posture. Not only will your muscles become longer and leaner, but your overall performance in ALL your activities will improve with your more stable core! Great for ALL levels of fitness! For those wanting more, consider Personal Training on the Reformer! 


This 30-minute class is an opportunity to experience "Peace of Mind" so one's body can fully let go of any dis-ease accumulated in reaction to daily living.  Our ability to relax is magnified as one chooses to surrender to the flow of the breath.  Awareness of the Power within is enhanced as mental restrictions are released, and the entire nervous system begins to recalibrate.  All that is needed is one's willingness to be Present, and the internal shift to Balance and Harmony begins.

Mind/Body Basics

Learn the proper form for the basic moves and positions of our most popular Mind/Body style classes like Mat Pilates, Yoga and BodyFlow.

Moon Yoga

Come enjoy yoga by candlelight and relax!  A gentle Hatha-style yoga class which will allow your body, mind, and spirit to relax and unwind.  This traditional-style yoga class includes moon salutations, yoga poses/postures, breath work, relaxation and meditation techniques specifically intended for relaxation, stress release, and to prepare the body to sleep. 

New Pumpers

New Pumpers

On The Ball

If you've always thought ball training was just for strength, think again. This calorie burning, muscle conditioning class delivers power, core strength, and balance for a total body workout that's so much fun you won't call it work. Free weights/dumbbells will be used in class. On The Ball offers modifications so that even beginners can participate. 

Pilates Barre

Familiar Pilates moves revamped with the use of the Ballet Barre. This class will require a 24 hour sign up. 

Pilates Express/Roller Release

This one hour class includes 30 minutes of Pilates and 30 minutes of foam roller release.  Pilates will make you stronger and more productive in all areas of fitness.  You will stretch and strengthen your core muscles using concentration and perseverance to create a better sense of well-being, balance and posture.  Your muscles will become longer and leaner.  Foam roller release is the cheapest way to get a massage!  Using a foam roller you will self-massage your muscles, alleviate stress, and break up tension in your muscles.  Foam rolling will also help reduce the risk of injury and create better flexibility.

Pilates Fusion

Combination of Pilates and strength training techniques.


Got flexibility? PiYo is the perfect blend of Pilates/Yoga, sports & dance stretches, athletics and more! This dynamic workout is easy on the joints, yet delivers strength, balance, agility and flexibility in one unique calorie burning workout! 


Lots of cardio-packed stepping fun with some lower body toning! 

Power Step EXPRESS

Your favorite Power Step class shortened to a 30 minute format. 


Resistance, Interval, Power, Plyometrics, Endurance, Diet. Powerful, total body workout. 


Also known as "the rock concert on wheels," RPM is a fun, athletic, cardiovascular cycling workout that kills calories in record time - up to 600 in a single ride! It provides a lightening quick improvement in endurance as well as a fast boost in lower body strength. Raw Power in Motion!

There is a 24-hour sign-up to reserve your spot in this class.

RPM Express

A shorter version of the traditional RPM Class.

RPM Extended Ride

Your favorite RPM class extended to a 90 minute format.


30 minute "LITE" ride! Perfect choice for beginners and those wanting a lighter workout. 


This Les Mills program is a high energy, calorie burning good time! Sh'BAM incorporates many types of dance including salsa, jazz, contemporary, hip-hop, ballet, and many more. However, you do NOT have to be a dancer to love Sh'BAM. This class is designed for any fitness level and is a great way to work out at your own comfort/fitness level, while enjoying awesome music and great energy from the instructors. 

Silver Swing

This low-impact aerobic conditioning class is not only good for the heart, but the soul too! With a dancing feel, it will lighten your steps and strengthen your strut! For the Silver Sweetheart Ladies or those new to exercise.

Standing Yoga

No Yoga Mat Needed! Yoga provides benefits of balance, strength and flexibility through purposeful and mindful movement. Standing Yoga offers the participant new to yoga the opportunity to learn and practice basic yoga poses in both standing and seated (fitness ball) positions. The use of props and fitness equipment will be integrated into class. All yoginis and fitness levels welcome!

Standing Yogalates

Your favorite Yogalates class in a standing format

Step Basics

Always wanted to try a step-based class, but unsure of your footing or just a little 'step' shy? Come to Step Basics to get acquainted with the step and the fundamental moves that you will see time after time in every step class you take! Don't let the fancy arms fool you - this class IS beginner-friendly, and you will be able to step up with confidence after taking this class, followed by a Step n Tone class. Step UP to Success with Step Basics!

Recommended for beginners. Please sign-up for this class at Member Services.

Step N Tone

A combination of both cardio & toning making use of the step bench while using various equipment such as hand weights and bands for a total body workout. With basic step moves and toning exercises for all the major muscle groups... you're sure to get your heart pumping and muscles working! Beginner and intermediate level (yet a great class for those who do not feel ready for BodyStep).

Tai Chi

Tai chi is a safe, low-impact option for people of all ages and levels of fitness. The ancient art of tai chi uses gentle flowing movements to reduce the stress of today's busy lifestyles, improve health & balance.

Total Tone

Looking for something that tones your body from head to toe?  Do you want an alternative to BodyPump?  This free-style class is it!  You will get a great toning workout for both the upper and lower body within a one hour timeframe.  Total Tone will boost your metabolism, burn calories and help you burn fat efficiently as fuel for your stronger and more well-defined body.  Great for all levels of fitness as options will be given!

Total Tone Express

Total Tone Express


For those of you who feel you don't have coordination for classes, but like to workout with others, you'll love Treadtraining. This interval training class is conducted on the treadmills, and whether you are a walker or runner, this 30 minute class will improve your stamina, overall form and focus. Designed for all levels of fitness because you set your OWN pace - from athlete to elderly! Learn the power of a treadmill here!

There is a 24-hour sign-up to reserve your spot in this class.

Vive Basics

Did you know that by partaking in a group class, you are 50 times more likely to stick with your workout routine?  This introductory class will fully prepare you for a great experience in BodyVive-- the perfect class to build your fitnes level.  

Recommended for beginners. Please sign-up for this class at Member Services.


This class is designed for the beginner through the advanced Yogi.


Yogalates is a blend of two excellent exercise regimens- yoga and pilates. In this class, yoga postures and poses build heat and connect breath with motion to improve overall strength and flexibility while pilates exercises focus on building core strength and stability. This one hour class will stretch, challenge, and tone your muscles while uniting mind and body to create a relaxed sense of well-being. Options provided for all levels of fitness and experience. 


By far the hottest dance-based class on the planet! Why is it so popular? The moves are simple to pick up even when set to the highly-energetic Latin music threaded with some popular songs as well. You will get a workout but it will feel more like a party! Come see why so many women have become addicted to this hip-shaking workout! Not ready to jump in?Zumba Gold is a perfect starting point that offers modified moves at a slightly slower pace! BOTH are great ways to workout and have fun!

Zumba Gold

Zumba Gold